Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello I just wanted to introduce myself... I'm Natalie and i'm 24. I love everything prim, antique, and old fashioned. I would love to live in the olden days but with all of the technology :)

I am addicted to etsy and antiquing and I love to decorate my home in prim americana style.

Here are some of my recent finds :)

I got the beautiful santa make do from a craft show and the little mouser from a craft store in my area!



  1. Good morning! :)
    I have become a follower because I think it will be fun to watch someone of your age progress. Even though there is a vast age difference, it will be fun getting to know you and follow along.
    Your pets are precious! Enjoy your wonderful life.
    My grandchildren are your age. You two are a beautiful couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness exactly as it is today!

  2. P.S. I found you on Old Road Primitives! I love her things and have the beginning of a sweet collection from her. However, I do not craft. I used to many years ago..but have lost the urge so she is one of my very favorites!
    :) Mona