Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm Back!!

My computer broke about a week and a half ago and wouldn't power up so I called HP and they sent out a tech. The tech looked at my computer and saw that the video card fan cracked in half and then melted and shorted out the power cord to the computer (thank goodness it didn't set the computer on fire!!) I don't have the new video card yet but he was able to get the computer to work with the generic video card that already comes pre installed.

My bridesmaids ordered their bridesmaid dresses on Sunday! They are by Bill Levkoff and style 628 in glacier blue and ivory.

I have been hard at work creating a photobook online for Wilbur and I and have also been working on our save the date magnets and getting our engagement photos printed for picture frames.

My matron of honor also reserved Miss Martha's Tea Room for my bridal shower which is Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Themed :)

Here is a link to my engagement photos which I placed online:


  1. Hey Nat,
    Congrats to your win at Rusty Thimble. He is so cute,don't you love her art?? Glad your computer is back.........

  2. I loved your album, all of it.. Congrats, you make a lovely couple..